Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween 2008

I'm cheap.

Every year I insist that the kids find costumes for Halloween at garage sales or the thrift store. Or we make a costume out of anything we can scrape together around the house. So far, we've spent very little money over the 5 years or so that our kids have been trick-or-treating. (Yay, mom!)

My pet peeve about trick-or-treating in STL is that peculiar, irritating, time consuming, agonizing ritual where every kid tells a joke at every house before collecting candy. Back in Tennessee (where I grew up and we created homemade costumes) we'd simply go from house to house, knocking and yelling "trick or treat!". Then we'd get candy. No performance required.

But I guess the ol' saying is true that "there's no such thing as a 'free lunch' "?!

This year in the Southshire subdivision it was business as usual....jokes from every child at every house. Thankfully we have a super group of neighbors with whom we can visit while our kids are practicing their public speaking skills (log that one for Language Arts school hours!) and soliciting free candy from the neighborhood association and beyond.

Here are pictures from this year's Halloween night.

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Longo Family News said...

No Way!! For the past 12 years of trick-or-treating, John & I still can't believe the kids get candy just for saying "trick-or-treat"! No jokes required down here in Florida either!!

We miss that tradition :(