Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Ninth, Lucas!

Luc's 1st Bday

Lucas age 9
From a parent’s point of view, I think that birthdays are opportunities for us to reflect on all the ways our family has grown over a year’s time. It’s a more formal, contemplative pit stop in life where we pause to do a sort of “life review” of our kids and ourselves. At the birthday stop, we can glance back at the bigger picture of a life and put all that has passed into better perspective. With the business and fullness of life, I’m glad there is this tradition to celebrate birthdays each year so we can seize the opportunity to stop for a day and appreciate another year “conquered”.

Today, August 27, 2008, marks Lucas’ ninth birthday. A “middle” child, Lucas is usually quiet and unassuming, getting lost in the mix of the impulsive older brother and the preschool mischief of the younger brother. Lucas is shy, often so shy that he appears uninterested, depressed, or rude to anyone who doesn’t know him better. But if you live in the same house with him for long enough, you will see a brighter more extroverted boy.

Lucas is a super helper especially when it comes to caring for his little brother. He’s an entertaining playmate and a close friend to both brothers. He’s a comedian at times, and he’s full of curiosity about life. And lucky for us, he is extremely obedient. But he does have a “dark” side at times just like the rest of us.

We thank God for Lucas (and Caleb and Isaac, too!) Each one of them is by God’s design wonderfully unique. And as loud and busy and crazy and wild and rough and silly and gross and hilarious and stressful as being parents of three boys is, we consider it a gift from God, through which He is transforming us to be the family he wants us to be – all for His glory.
Happy 9th Birthday, Lucas!

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