Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Birthday Season

We’ve been celebrating Luc’s "birthday season".

In our family, this means that exactly one week before a person's birthday, we spend time each day doing fun or special things the birthday person requests. Simple and relatively inexpensive, these things might include going for ice cream, choosing an activity or field trip for a day, seeing a movie, picking out a video, visiting the dollar store, etc. We're close to the end of Lucas's birthday season - he celebrates no. 9 this Wednesday.

Lately, it seems we've spent a little less time with the boys and a lot more time working to get our house ready to sell, so the start of Luc's birthday season actually began a few days late. Still, we've made 2 trips to Sno Biz (home of the Snow Cone Nazi and THE best snow cones in STL!) and spent time making a birthday wish list. We went to the STL Zoo yesterday and then had a birthday dinner down at Fitz's in the Delmar Loop.

On Luc's actual birthday, we'll be having doughnuts instead of birthday cake (Lucas does not like cake...obviously he didn't inherit that dislike from mom!), and the celebration wraps up with a boys night out at the Cardinal game (Lucas and Caleb won 4 free tickets through the STL County Library Summer Reading Program!).

So, it’s almost time to sing happy birthday and blow out the candles on the...uh...doughnuts?

I couldn't find a good song about birthday doughnuts, so here’s the next best thing I found:

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