Friday, October 27, 2017


Here's a post from 2014, repeated here as I attempt to return to blogging.
Honesty isn't always the best policy. Sometimes it makes people feel uncomfortable.
Still, I've asked for others to be completely honest with me, especially where I have close friendships. I tell them, "just let me have it with both barrels."! I know what it feels like to hear the bad honest from others because I've found a few friends who will go deep enough to love me this way. Yes, I said LOVE me.
It sucks sometimes. Sucks BAD sometimes. But still, I'm pretty sure its what I prefer.
Along that same thinking, I offer here my "bad" honesty. It's 'bad' because it crosses the line of where life is comfortable between two (or more) people into that place where the ugliness (aka the truth!) comes to light.

Ugliness - mine, yours, ours. No favoritism here. Its only fair.

I think blogs are completely narcissistic. This one is no different.
Its for me to sound off.
Its therapy for me.
And with the wonder of the internet, I can share it.
Comments? I don't really care...Or do I....?

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