Monday, May 5, 2008

Lifestyles of the..(ahem)..Wishful Thinker?

This past March I celebrated my 4oth bday. My sister from TN made a surprise visit to STL and took me downtown to the brand spankin' new Four Seasons Hotel at Lumiere Place. (top photo: notice inset TV in bathroom mirror, sunken Jacuzzi tub, and the ultra rich decor!).
Adding to the excitement of our stay was a "room with a view". (bottom photo) One entire wall was a huge window. Awesome! Did I mention the one hour Swedish massage at the hotel spa?
Thanks, Shannon, for the extravagant gift!

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Anonymous said...

I do believe you were made for a life of leisure. LOL What a wonderful gift! I am quite sure the two of you had an amazing celebration. Happy Belated Bday!