Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi from the Cooks!

Since we have friends and family both here in STL and scattered around the US (Nebraska, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, Minnesota, Michigan) we (Amanda) decided to start a blog to let everyone know what's up in our little corner of the world. Hey, it's free after all (unless you agree with the saying "time is money"!) No guarantees about frequency of posting, though. :)

We'd love to hear from you all. We look forward to staying better connected!


Jeff, Amanda, Caleb, Lucas, and Isaac Cook


Anonymous said...

Pretty soon, everyone will blog!

Welcome to the strange new world. Watch out for that time thing. I started writing for each weekday about 5 weeks ago...and then I wonder where the day went!

razinkids said...

Yep, couldn't resist joining the proverbial bandwagon of blog-ers...(sigh)...As if we don't already have enough to do?! For now I blog to "stay connected". The rest is up to everyone else. :)

The Boos Family said...

Very impressed-- nice job on this blog!! I LOVE the precious photos. Great to see you all.


Longo Family News said...

Of course I remember going out on the wave runner with you guys! OMG, that seems so long ago...I guess it actually WAS a LONG time ago! I've heard about the earthquakes. Have you guys felt any of them? Hope you don't have any damage. Hope we get a chance to visit when we're up there this summer.

Keep on bloggin'!
Talk to you soon,